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We are a local business
located at the most beautiful
lakes in south Croatia.

Our beach bar has it's own dedicated swimming place and it is perfect for all generations.
Best way to enjoy our beautiful lakes is to take a ride on our authentic Delta Neretva boats called "lađa".
Sit back and relax while you get to explore the wild life of Bacina lakes.


If being locked inside
of an office has tired you down,
we have a solution for you.

Enjoy the spirit of Bacina lakes in authentic cargo boats called "lađa". Travel across 6 out of 7 lakes and enjoy the Teuta experience. The ride starts with degustation of homemade schnapps called travarica and seasonal fruits. The tour starts and ends at our beach bar.


*a group if formed with at least 5 passangers


Looking for active tourism?
Grab a bike, and explore!

Bacina lakes have a 10km bycicle macadam track around them. It is excellent to take a walk, but even better for what it is meant for. It is suited for both casual and extreme driving. Find all the hotspots for swimming , relaxing or even stop at our natural water spring and take a sip of the freshest water you've ever tasted.